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Old 07-28-2009, 06:24 PM
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Default ECGridOS v2.1 (Build 6) Coming Soon

Please see updated documentation at

Link to services at

Revision Updates

v2.1.6 - 05/19/2009
Moved SessionID from Cookie to declared parameter in each function.
Added ECGridOSVersion to SessionInfo class.
Fixed typo in ReportMonthlyEx() description.
Changed WS reference to a generic net.ecgridos.ECGridOSAPIv2, to not change until v3.

v2.0.5 - 05/19/2009
Fixed bug in MailboxOwnerContact()

v2.0.4 - 04/14/2009
Fixed NetworkIDInfo and MailboxIDInfo classes to properly reflect AS2Info class.
Modified NetworkIDInfo class to include additional operational status information.
Added NetworkLog class and LastLog as NetworkLog subclass to NetworkIDInfo class.
Added General to AuthLevel Enum.
Added NetworkOutageList().

v2.0.3 - 04/02/2009
Renamed NetworkSearch() to NetworkList() for consistency.
Added CreateDirectory functionality to ParcelUpload() and ParcelUploadEx()
Removed ENUM values as Web Services do not pass the underlying values.

v2.0.2 - 03/31/2009
Fixed missing data in NetworkSearch().
Added LastContact to NetworkIDInfo class.
Removed Migration APIs until next version.
Made NetOps information public as UserIDInfo for InterconnectIDInfo class.

v2.0.1 - 03/26/2009
Fixed Delimiter issue in NetworkInfo().
Added Status (2) Development

v2.0.1 - 03/16/2009
Added ReportInstantStats() and ReportInstantStatsEx()

v2.0 - 03/5/2009
Added InterchangeDateTime to InterchangeIDInfo class
Extended TimeOut of _ParcelInBoxArchiveList() and _ParcelOutBoxArchiveList() to 1200 seconds
Added Migration Management APIs
Fixed TPAddEx() and TPAddVAN() where ECGridID was declared as Short
Fixed invalid ReturnCode in TPAddEx() and TPAddVAN()
Added AS2Info Class to MailboxIDInfo and NetworkIDInfo classes
Updated description in ParcelUploadEx()
Changed EventIDs for ReportMonthly() and ReportMonthlyEx()
Added InterchangeDate()
Added InterchangeProcessDate to InterchangeIDInfo class
Removed ManagedMigration parameter from TPMove() and TPMoveEx()
Added ReportStatistics() and ReportStatisticsEx()
First Production Release

v2.0 [beta] - 10/8/2008
Documentation Only - Typographical updates

v2.0 [beta] - 9/29/2008
Documentation Only - Added ECGridOS Support & Forum information

v2.0 [beta] - 9/25/2008
Modified ParcelIDInfo Class
Fixed ECGridIDInfo
Added ReportMonthly() and ReportMonthlyEx()
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