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Old 09-10-2012, 06:18 PM
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I was trying to use the ParcelInbox, and ParcelInboxArchive functions to see the complete mailbox (i.e. everything in there, both new and old), but for some reason those always return nothing for me when I use my stratecon.admin login to create a sessionid.

I had expected that calling the ParcelInbox would have shown me all items in all mailboxes for my account; but it must only show the parcels waiting for download.

Is that right? If so, what function do I use to list out all items in the mailbox (downloaded or not)?


There are a few issues going on here. First, ParcelInBox() is only pending as you suggest. ParcelInBoxArchive() is for all parcels.

Both of these ParcelInBox() and ParcelInBoxArchive() will only look in the current user’s NetworkID/MailboxID. If you want to log in as a Network Admin (assigned to “Root” MailboxID := 0), then you need to use the ParcelInBoxEx() and ParcelInBoxArchiveEx() where you specify the NetworkID (you only have access to your own) and the MailboxID on your system you wish to check. By using MailboxID := –1 it will check across all your system mailboxes.

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