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Lightbulb v3.0.100 - 03/18/2013 - Production

Production code will be posted within the next few days, documentation to follow.
  • Changes to AS2Info Class Object
  • Addition of GISBInfo Class Object
  • Added ParcelSetMailbagControlID()
  • Added ParcelUploadExA()
  • Added ParcelUpdateStatus()
  • Added ParcelUpdateLocalStatus()
  • Added ParcelDownloadConfirmPendingAck()
  • Added GISBFind()
  • Added GISBInfo() & GISBInfoEx()
  • Added property LocalStatusDate to ParcelIDInfo
  • Added HTTPAuthType ENum
  • Added NetworkGatewayCommChannel ENum
  • Added ParcelStatus ENum
  • Added ReceiptType ENum
  • Added Description property to MailboxIDInfo
  • Added UseType property to MailboxIDInfo (Test, Production)
  • Added UseType property to ECGridIDInfo (Test, Production)
  • Added MailboxDefault property to ECGridIDInfo
  • Added MailboxID and MailboxName properties to ECGridIDInfo
  • Added MailboxDescription()
  • Added MailboxUse()
  • Added UseType ENum
  • Added CallBack URL support
  • EDIStandard ENum added XML
  • InterchangeIDInfo now exposes NetworkNameFrom, NetworkNameTo, MailboxIDFrom, and MailboxIDTo
  • Implemented InterchageIDInfo.DocumentType property
  • ParcelIDInfo now exposes NetworkNameFrom, NetworkNameTo, MailboxIDFrom, MailboxIDTo, MailboxNameFrom and MailboxNameTo properties
  • Added Objects ENum
  • Removed ManifestID from ManifestInfo class
  • Removed AS2Info property from NetworkIDInfo class
  • Added ECGridAccount property to NetworkIDInfo and MailboxIDInfo classes
  • Added Ad Hoc Persistent Value APIs: KeySet(), KeyGet(), KeyRemove(), KeyList()
  • Exposed UniqueID property for InterconnectIDInfo
  • NetworkIDInfo new properties: OwnerUserID, RoutingUserID, ErrorsUserID, InterconnectsUserID, NoticesUserID, ReportsUserID, AccountingUserID, CustomerServiceUserID, HomeWebsite, SupportWebsite, LoginWebsite
  • NetworkIDInfo.NetworkNetOps new property: BillingUserID
  • Added NetworkSetContact(), NetworkGetContact()
  • DEPRECATED: NetworkOwnerContact(), NetworkErrorsContact(), NetworkInterconnectsContact(), NetworkNoticesContact(), NetworkBillingContact(), NetworkReportsContact().
  • Exposed NetworkContactType ENum
  • Added UserSetNetworkMailbox()
  • Added UserSetAuthLevel()
  • Deprecated ParcelUploadEx() and ParcelUploadGZipEx() - replaced by ParcelUploadDirected() and ParcelUploadDirectedGZip()
  • Added StartTime and EndTime paramaters to SessionLogEx()
  • Added Standard to FileInfo class object
  • Improved ParelUpload() and ParcelUploadEx() network processing times
  • Increased LoginName to 32 characters
  • SessionLog Class renamed SessionLogInfo
  • NetworkInfo() no longer includes LastLog for speed. Call NetworkInfoWithLog() to include
  • Added ContractID and PricelistID properties to NetworkIDInfo.OwnerInfo property
  • Added OwnerInfo property and ContractID and PricelistID properties to MailboxIDInfo
  • Added Contract class
  • Added Pricelist class
  • Added Invoice class
  • Added OwnwerInfo.RoutingGroup property to ECGridIDInfo with new RoutingGroup ENUM
  • Added AS2DefaultMailbox()
  • Removed Billing from NetworkContactType
  • InterconnectAdd() now allows blank ContactName and ContactEMail, will default to Network/Mailbox Interconnect Contacts.
  • All Interconnect EMail will include Mailbox InterconnectUserID contact information whenever sent to "Network."
  • Added AS2Pair() to determine Sender/Receiver AS2 IDs from configuration.
  • Added AS2SetPair() to aid in complex AS2 configurations.
  • Added caching mechanism for UserIDInfo lookups.
  • Added caching mechanism for ParcelIDInfo lookups.
  • Added ParcelDownloadCancel().
  • Public certificates now stored in PEM format.
  • Added ECGridIDInfoCollection and ParcelIDInfoCollection class objects.
  • Added MailboxType ENum
  • Added TPListExPaged()
  • Deprecated ParcelInterchangeManifest()
  • Added InterchangeManifest()
  • Fixed ParcelDownload() issue for X12.56 ACKs
  • Added Attachment property to InterconnectNote
  • The following now use ParcelIDInfoCollection class: ParcelInBox(), ParcelInBoxEx(), ParcelInBoxArchive(), ParcelInBoxArchiveEx(), ParcelOutBoxArchive(), ParcelOutBoxArchiveEx(), ParcelOutBoxError(), ParcelOutBoxErrorEx()