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Default Test download of document from inbox

Hello, I've been working on this bit a couple days now to no avail. I need a way to test / simulate downloading a doc from my inbox, as if we were receiving a 850 purchase order form our trading partner.

I asked netOps put a sample document into my inbox. I was told a 977 was put there. I'm trying to see the document using ParcelInbox, but it returns nothing (nothing in ParcelIDInfoList). I need the ParcelID to be able to download. This is all I get:

[ParcelInBoxExResult] => stdClass Object ( [PageSize] => 0 [PageNumber] => 1 [Count] => 0 [TotalRecords] => 0 [TotalPages] => 1 [ParcelIDInfoList] => stdClass Object ( )

I then tried to send myself a doc using ParcelUpload, setting both sender and receiver QID as me, but it did not seem to go through either, same result as above.

Any ideas? ?I'm stuck right now

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