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Originally Posted by dkyle View Post
I have some AS2 questions and forgive me if these are basic questions but I don't really know that much about it and like most things it became a necessity to learn quickly when a trading partner wanted to business with a company that does AS2.
Basic questions are the easiest, and when addressed here in the Forum are a great way for others to find the same answers when they need them.

First, AS2 is one of several communication paths into ECGrid which we call ECGridAS2. The native ECGridOS communication path is through the ParcelUpload() and ParcelDownload() set of APIs.

For every trading partner relationships there are two connections to ECGrid.

The first is for your side (you directly or your customer). If pure ECGridOS, then you can use the ParcelUpload()/ParcelDownload() or configure AS2 or FTP or whatever with our Networks Operations staff (

The second connection if for your trading partner. If they already have a relationship with a VAN, then that is our preferred route. The data would route through our Interconnect with that VAN. If your partner does not use a VAN and needs to negotiate a direct connection with ECGrid the Networks Operations staff. We may already have a connection with that trading partner, so it is worth dropping a line to NetOps. Be sure to include your trading partners Qualifier/ID or GLN.

Originally Posted by dkyle View Post
1.) AS2 uses certificates.
- Can this certificate be self signed?
ECGridAS2 accepts all certificates, including self-signed.

Originally Posted by dkyle View Post
2.) I know that ECGridOS supports AS2
- Do I need to have AS2 setup on my system (which brings up many other questions) and then ECGrisOS forwards based on the AS2 url I provide?
AS2 is an option. You can also use the secure Upload/Download functions noted above.

Originally Posted by dkyle View Post
- Does ECGridOS's support of AS2 mean I don't need an in-house solution. This would be the best case scenario in which AS2 connections would come to the mailbox ready for download much like the X12.56 Mailbag protocol works.
How your trading partner connects to us (VAN Interconnect, AS2, etc.) has no impact on how you connect to us. So if you use the native ECGridOS Upload/Download you need no additional communications software or configuration.

Originally Posted by dkyle View Post
3.) TP - VAN, VAN - VAN, TP - TP
- Are all of these options for AS2 connectivity or am I totally confused about how AS2 works?
AS2 is simply a communications protocol like FTP. It only appertains to the two points connecting to each other. ECGrid is a message routing hub, so each party that connects to it with its own protocols (VPN, VAN, AS2, FTP, HTTPS, etc.) and the data routes independently. You only need to worry about how you connect to ECGrid. One connection connects you to everyone.

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