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Thanks for the detailed explanation Todd!

It looks like disabling our AS2 connection did the trick! Now, after calling ParcelUpload() (using v2.3), I could actually see the parcel on the server using ParcelInBoxEx(). I was able to download the file by calling ParcelDownload(). It's odd that the file was still there when I called ParcelInBoxEx() again. I had to call ParcelDownloadConfirm() to remove the file from the server (which was what we were doing before with v2.3).

It looks like the bug might have been fixed in v2.3. The system is behaving as expected without upgrading to v3.0.

We will upgrade to v3.0 when we have enough resources. Right now, we are working on fixing existing functionalities and we don't want to miss our deadline.

Thanks again for your prompt response!

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