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OK, this is a little complex.

It seems there is an AS2 connection configured to your Root Mailbox (MailboxID := 0). Our system is attempting to send anything delivered to that Mailbox to your AS2 connection; however, the certificate we have on file is expired.

What seems to be happening, is that as soon as you receive in the Mailbox, the Parcel is being downloaded to the AS2 server. This marks it as "downloaded."

Prior to ECGridOS v3.0 once downloaded, it would not show up in the ParcelInBox() and ParcelInBoxEx() functions. This behavior was corrected in v3.0 and now shows up as expected until you run ParcelConfirm().

I strongly recommend that you move development to v3.0 ( as soon as you can. There are many bug fixes and inhancements. My apologies that the documentation is lagging, but the WSDL should point you in the right direction.

Since your AS2 is effectively off-line right now, I'm going to disable it so it does not intefere with your ECGridOS calls.

I have reset the parcel in question to the UNdownloaded state. It should now show up in your call using v2.3.

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