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Todd Gould 11-08-2016 03:50 PM


We tested sample 850 as it's coming from Lowes and it looks your have the TT already on your network (as expected...) what do we do with TT that are not on your network(fairly theoretical question)

Todd Gould 11-08-2016 03:51 PM

This is something Network Operations works with to get you started to make sure it all works OK. I would work with them a bit on the overall, so you have the feel of the process. Once you have that down, here is how it works through the API.
  • You use TPAddVAN() to add the ID. If you do not know their VAN, you need to ask them – that is what we do at NetOps. I believe the list of NetworkIDs for the VANs is listed on Also, if you can use NetworkList(). You can only add IDs to the VANs. If you get an error message, then they are not a “public” VAN but another customer on our system.
  • Then you use InterconnectAdd() to create the interconnect request. It has an expert engine behind it determine if the Interconnect can be established immediately or if it will be pending. All messages as sent automatically to the VAN to establish the Interconnect. Some trading partners have special requirements. NetOps can assist with that.
  • InterconnectInfo() will keep you apprised of the status of Pending Interconnects as well as e-mail notices.



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