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Todd Gould 11-08-2016 04:49 PM


How/where do we set/get the AS/2 info we need to provide to the TT?

Todd Gould 11-08-2016 04:49 PM

When you use your or web interface, it will automatically create an AS2 profile for the mailbox.

ECGridOS does not do this automatically, and I suggest you use the interface for that as there are a number of calls to get it just right. When the sets up this AS2 it is set up as Preproduction.

It will need to be set to Production to be functional. The AS2 ID, URL and Public Cert are all available through the interface.

Your request, however, letís me think that it may make sense to add a MailboxCreateAS2() API function that would bundle everything in one command. Let me see when we can include this.


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