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Todd Gould 01-22-2014 09:08 AM

Getting Mailbag Number Sent to a VAN
  1. Call ParcelInfo() with the uploaded ParcelID from ParcelUpload()
  2. In that Object you will find an Interchanges property with a list of InterchangeIDInfo objects
  3. Call InterchangeInfo() with each of the InterchangeID value(s) from the InterchangeIDInfo object(s) above
  4. Within that structure you will find a Parcels property with a list of ParcelIDInfo objects
  5. One of these will be the original ParcelID you started with, the other is the Parcel sent to the VAN. It will have a Direction value of InBox (meaning it was sent to the VANís In Box).
  6. The Mailbag Number ECGrid sent to the VAN is in the MailbagControlID property.

NOTE: You cannot do this immediately after upload as it may take several minutes till the Parcel has been processed and forwarded to the VAN.

mlemon 05-22-2014 06:01 PM

How's this affect traceability with other VANs
Most of the big ones want a mailbag ID when contacted to determine an issue. Is that something we should plan on reporting to netOps?

I'm designing our process and having our customers be able to do most of their own research tracking down problems is pretty key. We're obviously going to be enabling them to retrieve manifests.

Guess I'm sorta looking for best practices here.

Todd Gould 05-28-2014 11:44 AM


Yes, always report the MailbagControlNumber sent to the other VAN. That also is our internal ParcelID of the file sent to the VAN, which is exactly what we need.


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