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edewsnap 07-04-2012 03:20 PM

Move TPID from one Mailbox to another Mailbox
Looking for the API that will allow me to move the TPID to another mailbox.
I tried TPListEx,TPMove but do not see the TPID parameter.

Todd Gould 07-05-2012 10:49 AM

For TPMove() to work properly in v2.3, you need to be logged as a user in the Mailbox where you want the ECGridID to move to, and have authorization to move the ECGridID.

In hind sight, that is broken logic.

The proper function would be TPMoveEx() with NetworkAdmin authority as long as the ECGridID was moving from one MailboxID to another in the same Network. However, in v2.3 that requires NetOps authority as it was written.

The authority problem for TPMoveEx() has been fixed for v3.0 (pre-Alpha). I'll see if I can get an interim update for v2.3 in place. In the meantime I have a work around.

1) Use TPTerminate() for the ECGridID in the wrong mailbox.
2) Use TPAddEx() to create a new entry with the same Qualifier/ID (QID) in the correct mailbox.

Even if by chance data comes in for that QID in between the two calls, it will just be suspended then forwarded when the new entry is in place.


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